Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Pilates method

Who was Joseph Pilates - The Pilates method?

Born in Germany in 1880 and died in 1967, had a lifelong interest in physical activity.

Suffering from asthma and rheumatic fever as a child, physical activity sought a solution to overcome your problems, studied yoga, Zen Buddhism, Greek and Roman regimens.

Truth about Joey Atlas - And at 14, followers tell the teacher, was in such good shape that he could pose for maps of anatomy.


During the First World War he was sent to England as a nurse. In this period was inspired to develop method to help their patients who had physical problems.

He trained other foreigners using physical culture exercises that he developed.

His exercises began to be recognized as a technique when none of that internal training camp succumbed to a flu epidemic that killed thousands of people in other fields of England in 1918.

Perfected the practice after the war, giving training to police in Hamburg (Germany), and in 1920 had a structured, started a foundation for this method and developed specific equipment. Health Program


Joseph in "pad in."

In 1926 Pilates immigrated to the United States, and was the boat trip that met clear, his future wife. Together, they brought the idea to New York City by opening his studio: Pilates Studio. There envious Pilates instructors and formed called the Pilates Method of Physical.

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