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Acne No More Mike Walden Review - Three real solutions for acne

Acne No More Review
Acne No More Mike Walden Review - Many women suffer from acne and many are those who ask me what to do for a perfect skin. What we should know is that acne is a disease and should be treated only by a dermatologist. In mild acne requires only local treatment. In moderate and severe acne requires topical and oral medication. Oral treatment should be administered for at least six months while the topical treatment can last as long and nosos.Pantou is a myth ... 1 Acne is not due to diet:

Doctors tell this way - Until now, several scientific studies have linked diet with acne. Foods such as pizza, French fries or even chocolate not responsible for the disease.

2 No exacerbated by stress:

The daily stress is not a factor worsening of acne. Persistent anxiety that requires medical treatment often treated with drugs that cause acne as a side effect .

3 needs treatment does not go away by itself:

Like other skin diseases such as acne and should be treated therapeutically.

4 The sun is not the cure :

Tan after exposure to the sun may make less prominent the irritated skin and pimples. Use a sunscreen (perfect for people with acne) to avoid the dyschromion.Antimetopiste ! With daily care

Morning and evening clean your face with an antiseptic soap or a special gel. Continue with cleansing lotion if your skin is especially irritated only put the evenings. Then apply moisturizer morning and evening antibiotic. In the morning do not forget the sunscreen.


The green clay deeply cleanses the skin without irritating. The effect is immediate and lasts 2-3 days so the skins with acne it is recommended to clay mask 2 to 3 times a week.

Build yourself: In a bowl pour water with chamomile about 2-3 tablespoons and add the powdered clay purchased from the pharmacy. Add sufficient quantity as much clay to create a gel cream, pour a drop of lemon essential oil. Apply on face and neck. When dry start to remove with lukewarm water. Evening is recommended to 2 to 3 times a week. Read my Story =>

With cry therapy

This is an invasive method using liquid nitrogen. At its peak applied in two cases. Or after it has passed the edge, i.e. unsightly scars may create in wake of some grains (usually shown in the back or the chest and rarely on the face), or during the treatment of acne with other drugs as a complementary element on some inflammatory cysts. Cryotherapy is not a primary treatment but complementary first given drugs and creams according to the problem.
No anesthesia is needed. The mystikoMin tease and do not break your pimples. It is important that this process be done properly by a specialist to avoid infection and scarring. Cleansing the skin is enough to be experienced aestheticians or dermatologists. Prohibited facial sauna, use scrubs (creams, granules) and strong mechanical friction (hard sponges and brushes).

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