Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The diagnosis is established on microscopic examination

The diagnosis is established on microscopic examination of a sputum sample obtained by one of the following techniques: sputum induction (in which use water or steam to stimulate cough) or (where the sample is collected the aid of an instrument that is inserted into the airways).

Truth about Joey Atlas - The antibiotic commonly used to treat pneumonia caused by Side effects, particularly common in individuals with AIDS, is rash, reducing the concentration of white blood cells that fight disease and fever.

 Drug treatments are alternative and People who have low levels of oxygen in the blood can also receive corticosteroids.

 Even when the pneumonia caused by is treated, the overall mortality rate is 10 to 30%.

Patients with AIDS pneumonia which was successfully treated generally take medications such as aerosol to prevent disease recurrence.

Aspiration pneumonia

Tiny particles from the mouth frequently migrate to the airways, but usually, they are eliminated by the normal defense mechanisms before reaching the lungs and cause inflammation or infection.

However, if they are not removed, these particles can cause pneumonia. Individuals debilitated those with drug or alcohol intoxication or who are unconscious due to anesthesia or a disease, have an increased risk of this type of pneumonia. Health Program

 Even a healthy individual, who aspires to a large amount of particles, as may occur during an episode of vomiting, can develop pneumonia.

The chemical occurs when the material is toxic aspirated into the lungs. The problem is due more to the result of irritation of the infection. A toxic material is commonly aspirated gastric acid. The immediate result is sudden difficulty breathing and increased heart rate.

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