Saturday, 2 November 2013

Effective, healthy and long - Term weight loss with a low calorie diet

Nupo diet food - was confirmed in more than 50 clinical studies resulting in an average loss of body weight: 12.3 pounds in eight weeks! Nupo Why?

Nupo diet shakes and diet soup Nupo in a very low energy diet (VLCD - Very Low Calorie Diet) are used as the sole source of food. A person enters less than 800 kcal, and your body to ensure all the necessary vitamins, such as omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron and minerals and dietary fiber.  Cellulite Truth -

Six light, punovrijednih meals a day, each meal contains only 115 kcal, an optimal combination of nutrients. Daily intake of more than 65 grams of protein to help maintain muscle mass and carbohydrates that help provide energy. Also, enter the correct amount of fat and more than 20 grams of fiber, which are good for digestion and prevent gall bladder problems.

Nupo diet drinks come in five irresistible flavors: chocolate, white coffee, strawberry, mango / vanilla and new spring flavor - raspberry / blueberry. You can also choose Nupo diet of asparagus soup, vegetable soup and spicy Thai chicken.

Nupo is perfect complete meal replacement for people on a diet because of the simple and convenient preparation for busy people with little free time. Joey Atlas

Their mission is to help people change their lifestyle and eating habits to a healthy way to lose excess pounds, inches and body fat with Nupo diet products. Its customers ensure nutritionist for individual counseling. Book your appointment for a consultation Nupo to the nearest pharmacy or visit nuposhop on where you do 08/31/2013. We offer an additional 15 percent discount on Nupo packages. It is only necessary to enter discount code: "SUMMER"

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